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About da Gloriam Deo

{About the blog and the name}

Da Gloriam Deo is actually Latin for 'For His Glory' and expresses my love and joy for the Lord.  I put this blog together to share and fellowship about living life with gratitude, exchanging tips, stories and ideas on furniture refinishing all the while encouraging others and praising the Lord at the same time.  Because God is good all the time! Let me get an Amen!

{About Me}

As you may already know I love the Lord and I love refinishing furniture too. So after reading and following alot of the DIY bloggers out there for the past two years I finally mustered some confidence and decided to jump on the bandwagon and join the wonderful DIY community.  I've been really impressed with the sense of comradery and encouragement that alot of the followers have for their favorite blogger on diy projects or business decisions and even life itself.  It seems to exemplify how Christ would like us all to be towards each other.  So I want to share my own experiences, tidbits and ideas on diy all the while praising the Lord.  Wherever He leads me, I'll follow...
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